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Game News
The Zog Empire is one of the oldest guilds in the Multi-verse that is Ultima Online.  We follow the cult that created modern UO, we are the followers of ZOG.   We are a dictatorship of pure imperialism. One Emperor, One victory!  Zog is a fanatical guild of warlords and soldiers whom seek power,glory, and conquest of the weak.  If you are tired of joining guilds whom craft or just kill monsters in group, than join our semi-RP and semi-PVP guild.  It is the oldest guild in the history of UO..since 97 and still running strong.  Enlist today and help secure your place as a true comrade of the Zog Empire.  For empire and empire.  who knows..maybe the emperor will give you land and title with your own serfs to work the land and serve you.

Our system of gov has never been ended on UO, we have never lost a battle..enlist today..hard work and victory = you're gain.   ZOG HEIL!
Guild News

General Order No. 1 (T2A)

Thraximus Zog, Aug 21, 10 1:50 AM.
All Zogs, train crafters for our in game economy and make a pvp char for future Zog victories in combat.  The empire and emperor is back and stands with you.  ZOG HEIL!
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